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Porzellanfabrik Walküre

Tradition out of "white gold"

More than 115 years Porcelain Factory Walküre – one century much influenced by innovation and tradition

By formation of a company for china painting, Mr. Siegmund Paul Meyer laid the foundation for this tradition. The porcelain factory Walküre developed due to pioneering spirit and innovative, entrepreneurial courage in the following decades. Nowadays Walküre is well noted in the porcelain sector and stands for professional competence.

The years 1899 to 1910

In 1899, the success story of porcelain factory ”Walküre” began.

The fast and commercial growth of the company for china painting and his desire of independence from the ”white china suppliers” lead to the next business step. In 1899, the porcelain factory Siegmund Paul Meyer originated.

The Meyerschen specialty products are in great demand. The fireproof cookware and baking dishes are a highly coveted specialty. Up to 75% of the goods are globally exported.

The years 1910 to 1945

Due to scarcity of resources and manpower shortage, Meyer had to survive some bottlenecks
during World War I.

However, in the ”Golden Twenties” demand resurges. The porcelain factory established and bears
the even today valid name: ”Erste Bayreuther Porzellanfabrik Walküre Siegmund Paul Meyer GmbH”.

The world economic crisis started, but the founder can rely on his son Rudolf Meyer –
he joins the company.

The years 1946 to 1999

Mid-1950s, the technologization- and automatization era commences. The production operates
at full stretch.

Not only the latest technology is coming, but also a specialization follows. The focus of the product
range is on “porcelain for the gastronomy”, in response to the necessities of the developing
recreational society.

By the side of his father, Rudolf Meyer Junior takes over the corporate management in 1966. As of 1999,
the porcelain factory Walküre looks back to 100 years of corporate history.

The years 2000 to today

By courtesy of well-considered management and innovative strength right from the start, the
porcelain factory Walküre continuously improves oneself further.

Meanwhile Mr. Siegmund Meyer and Dr. Wolfgang Meyer administer the family enterprise in fourth generation. The tradition still has a future. With the necessary portion of entrepreneurial spirit, courage and target-oriented investment goals for the future, this day will endure in the next hundred years.

The company philosophy is clear: consistent usage of most modern technology, top brand quality, expert for specialty professional tableware, fast response to constantly changing customer wishes and finally –
a modern design. Five components which assure economic success within the porcelain industry.


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