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Altatee+shall be understood as a composition of european and far eastern tea culture sounds to an eurasian tea ceremony.

This series offers miscellaneous objects und drinking vessels for various methods of preparing and serving tea. For different sorts of tea, hot or cold, served in vessels made out of porcelain up to glass. Integrative and interactive functions within the tea ceremony. Serving, individual preparation, to degust and to compose.

Point of origin for preparing tea is a cylindrical stainless steel strainer. At the table it will be handed to the consumer in a porcelain container. For individual tea preparation place it in a small tea pot or a glass. After the brewing procedure, it can be easily disposed in this special porcelain container. It is your decision to determine your preferred intensity. Different cups and tea bowls endow the individuality on how to consume. The bowl, held with 2 hands, emits an energy flux of warmness, vitality and peace.

Tea ceremony as a holistic enjoyment at the table.