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Olá Barista

a very special decoration

Each cup of coffee inspires our imagination.
Coffee opens a whole new world.
Coffee stimulates the brain cells.
Coffee produces new ideas.

The idea to “Olá Barista” arouse directly at the coffee plantation. Mrs. Maria Meyer, general manager of porcelain factory Walküre, was visiting a coffee plantation in South America and was so enthusiastic about the colourful flora and fauna, the different shapes of coffee cherries, that she thought: “Why not start at the origin for a new décor? With a plant? At the coffee plantation?”

Away from tropical temperatures, the execution of this idea took place in Bayreuth - unsurprisingly over at a good cup of coffee . “This is a worthwhile ritual for me. Before I start with a new design, I will drink a cup of coffee, this infatuates my senses and this is the A and O for design”, says the designer Kerstin Rank, a coffee enthusiast.  “From the outset, I found it very lovely to start at the origin of pleasure. On one side, this decoration should appeal to the absolute connoisseur of coffee which occupies himself with the subject coffee thorough, complex and profound. It is a matter of cultivation areas, acidity of the ground, harvest time and much more. Precisely those professionals should find themselves in “Olá Barista”. On the other hand, this décor discovers a whole new world we may plunge into. Very often, a cup of coffee is like an isle in our day-to-day life. I also believe, that just this moment is highly appreciated by each coffee drinker, regardless of whether professional or amateur.” To make sure that the design is “right on the bean”, the designer became acquainted with the task of the baristas, as well as the procedures for harvesting and roasting.

Because of that, not only parrot, butterfly and splendid crisply coffee cherries decorate the porcelain under the name COFFEA e FAUNA.

By COFFEA e ARTE Walküre opens a new world in a modern décor. Coffee blossoms-, cherries- and branches in finest graphic character and sanguine are the basis for this decoration. “In the early stages we learned our technical limitations for this décor. In a time consuming process we eternalized the handcrafted graphics as a décor”, reports Maria Meyer, “also COFFEA e POESIA, a homage to the barista, breaks fresh conceptual ground by terms which a barista uses for the specification of coffee nuances. The focus of Walküre is on the coffee sector and those three fresh décor concepts meet our customers gusto.”