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Bayreuther Kaffeemaschine

Tradition goes modern

Our coffee maker has set the benchmark by using the Karlsbad method for brewing coffee and impressed generations of coffee enthusiasts. The production of this coffee maker is globally unique at our porcelain factory Walküre. For over one century our coffee machine is brewing coffee without filter paper for purest edibility.

Now it gets a modern brother – the Bayreuth coffee maker. We still guarantee pure coffee pleasure by using the Karlsbad method – no filter paper. All new is the design: classic-elegant, carried by clear lines and simple design vocabulary.

For over one century the Karlsbad coffee maker, produced at porcelain factory Walküre, was a insiders` tip for all coffee enthusiasts. It brewed the finest coffee without electricity and filter paper. The secret is the throughout glazed double strainer made of hard porcelain. The production of this very unique coffee maker requires the expertise and experience of our long-term employees.

The high quality double strainer guarantees the purest aroma. It keeps the ground coffee, almost as fine as semolina, away from the coffee pot without using any filter paper. No metal strainer or filter paper adulterates the pure coffee pleasure. The same tradition obliges for the new Bayreuth coffee maker. Particular craftsmanship is required to produce the fine double strainer manufactured of hard porcelain.

Entirely new is the design of the Bayreuth coffee maker. Analog of a high and formal reduced orbital cylinder, pot and strainer are sitting on top of each other. Clear lines – in the classical style of Bauhaus- characterizing the corpus. In a right angle to the cylindric basicform, the handholds standing out elegantly. Funktionality impresses! Whilst brewing coffee, the pot is already an “eye catcher” on each coffee table.

“A delight for the palate and eyes” – an elegant and classic new model, binding the century old secret of the Karlsbad brewing method. The Bayreuth coffee maker chains the tradition of the original with the modern new design.