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New forms of expression for coffee culture interpreted in porcelain

Vento (Italian for “wind”) portrays the poetry of the wind. The wind knows no bounds, wind units cultures and is a symbol of change. All the vessels which make up the Vento range have been individually sculpted, hence expressing the individuality of the culture of each beverage.

Reflected in rotation, each and every corpus of the range goes through a change from concave to convex, designed like small sails or wind harps which reproduces coffee's original journey from Africa to Brazil and back to Europe, making it formally evident. Trees whipped by the wind bow to the constant force of the wind, and take on their own, individual form. The object reacts to its environment, expressing this dialogue in its own way.

Designer Daniel Eltner analyses the change of values prevalent in our society, and designs objects in which we rediscover our culture and our need for things which are individual and distinctive. All the vessels which make up the Vento range are sculpted by the designer yet are reproduced in the range. This bestows each and every cup with the character of a unique, hand-sculpted object.