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the PLUS to functionality

A brilliant – and yet so simple idea, an added value
product with a plus for modern gastronomy kitchens!

WalkürePLUS – the basic idea was obvious: To offer
a matching base in terms of structure, technicality
and basic set-up for all needs. A foundation for ad-
vanced cuisine to meet consumer needs. To design
tableware, which admits to all cooking- and serving
possibilities – just as if “based on gusto”.

WalkürePLUS – unlimited application possibilities
to roast, crumb, bake, garnish, serve, proportioning
and food arranging – for the daily use. Made of high
quality hard porcelain and produced by porcelain
factory Walküre in Bayreuth with more than 110
years of experience in this field.


+ The PLUS to taste.

+ The PLUS to functionality.

+ The PLUS to design

+ The PLUS to quality.

+ The PLUS to heat.

+ The PLUS for the professional.