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Porcelain Museum

Moving with the times ...

A walk through a street scenery with over 300 m² floor space.

You will experience four decades with exemplary scenes of the catering trade, which will guide you through the past century of porcelain history.

Eye-catching, interesting and ”live” – in context of the times! There are four walk-in stages were you will find contemporary porcelain of Walküre.

The year 1899

Welcome to 1899.

Your walk through the history of porcelain manufacture can begin.
Let us take a glance through the window of an upper-class residential building at the turn of the century.

We knock politely at the door and suddenly find ourselves in the middle of a white/blue tiled kitchen. Take a look into the adjacent sitting room: traditional, fireproof dishes of series “Walküre” are being used to serve the food.  They were the “bestseller” at that time.

A little further on, we encounter Oscar Wilm’s general store. Just about any everyday item can be purchased there. In the window we discover the latest detergent, from Sil to Ata.

One step further and an advertising column asks for our attention. The latest product information is posted in a large-format, advertisements at the turn of the century. 

The year 1920

The train of time stops at the station of the twenties! 

The waiting passenger of 1920 casually looks through the window upon the arriving travellers of the Orient Express and at that time you will also enter the station restaurant. Now the moment of quietness is over. However, the marble floor is freshly mopped. Travel was still stylish in those days – exactly like the porcelain dishes on the petite tables.

How about a souvenir before the train departs? How about porcelain?
Directly across the way, “Porcelain Huber” displays their latest goods in the shop window.

And something else is obvious:
even the company name above the shop window is made of porcelain. Original porcelain letters manufactured at porcelain factory Walküre, just as it was to be found at many businesses at that time.

The year 1950

Next station on the journey – 30 years later: the year 1950. 

We find ourselves at the hotel ”Bayreuth” – standing in the middle of the hotel patio. How about a cup of coffee in the shade of the marquee?

Daydreaming – whilst seated on the garden furniture at that time and Peter Kraus singing in the background. 

Outside someone has left their motor scooter in front of the electrical store. He is probably in a rush, most likely off to a rendezvous with a young lady in a polka-dot petticoat – in the same cheerful colours as the colourful coffee service.

The year 1999

... past modern advertising posters of the 90`s and shop windows with tempting fashions.

How about a nice cup of coffee after shopping? An espresso at café "Alta"?

This is the place to be: cool ambience, designer chairs by Phillippe Starck, beech-wood counter – simply "hip". Even the language moves with the times.

By the way: The café is named after the current Walküre series "Alta".

At their visit to a restaurant, it is most likely that many people already hand-held a cup of series "Alta" without having noticed the name "Walküre".