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Pure pleasure

Coffee makers manufactured from porcelain

It has set new standards and enthralled generations of coffee lovers – the Karlsbad coffee maker. It brews the purest aroma for people to enjoy. Now it has a modern brother – the Bayreuth coffee maker ”699 070”.

The Karlsbad principle, operating without any filter paper, continues to guarantee pure coffee pleasure, but what is completely new is the design: classical-elegant, supported by clear lines and a flawless design message, the bowl-shaped handles protrude at a right angle from the basic cylinder shape.

Karlsbad coffee machine

the original made of porcelain

The experts agree that "the enjoyment of coffee’s perfect aroma is an art". As the most beautiful way of preparing coffee they recommend the Karlsbad Method with the original Karlsbad coffee machine made by hand for over a hundred years.

It works without filter paper or metal sieve, allowing the authentic aroma to reveal itself. Especially for restaurants: the aromatic coffee can be made on the table before the guests’ very eyes.

Design: company design

Bayreuth coffee machine

tradition made of porcelain meets modernity

Tradition guarantees quality. The fine, glazed throughout double filter is the core and the ”secret” behind the Bayreuth coffee maker. No filter – instead, the best possible aroma.

Tradition goes modern. The Bayreuth coffee maker gives the original – which is almost a century old – a new look, and retains its tried-and-tested principle for making coffee. In a word: a delight to behold and to taste.

Tradition obliges. The Bayreuth coffee maker is made with the same artful skill and hard porcelain quality as are used for the century-old original.

Tradition sets standards. Enjoy the quality of coffee after the Karlsbad method, no matter if you use the original Karlsbad coffee maker or the Bayreuth coffee maker. Taste convinces!

Design: Daniel Eltner

Walküre coffee machines

Brewing method

Brewing coffee without any foreign taste and enjoying the purest aroma – this can only be obtained by using the Karlsbad method. Without any filter paper or sieve attachment, the coffee maker gently detaches fat, oil, sugar and acids by its throughout glazed double strainer. Around 40 grams of coarsely grounded coffee beans should ideally be used for a large pot.


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