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Italian way of life ”made in Germany”

Both, the porcelain factory Walküre and the designer Thomas Wenk developed a new series for espresso ”rossi”. Purely by chance started the connection with the prestigious porcelain factory Walküre, which is located right the bottom of the festival hill in Bayreuth.

A very intense partnership began:
on the one hand, Thomas Wenk, as designer and practician and the porcelain factory Walküre, the specialist for professional specialty coffee – tableware, on the other side. A fruitful cooperation – the result is the very impressive series ”rossi”.

The secrect behind is its chamfer.
The firm goal and concept was to develop a modern espresso cup, which meets the requirements of a barista. This challenging task has succeeded by ”rossi”: size, material thickness, momentum and handling – everything is just perfect.

The particular material thickness serves the purpose to accumulate the energy of the hot espresso machine and therefore to keep the espresso warm for a long time. The fine tuned rim – arose by its ingenious chamfer – is very consumer friendly and allows the coffee aroma to emerge – similar to a wine glass – in the best possible way. Due to its thickly inside rounding, the espresso can settle down and the brought in cream can fully develop at the top. The handle and outside shape complete the modern impression.

Design: Thomas Wenk

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