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Walküre cup filter

quality, design and brewing method

Coupled with the expertise and experience of our long-time employees, particular craftsmanship is required to produce the Walküre cup filter. It is formed out of hard porcelain and the fine double strainer is glazed throughout – manufactured at our porcelain factory “Walküre” for over one century now. Brewing coffee without any foreign taste and enjoying the purest aroma, this can only be obtained by using the Karlsbad method with great benefit to your health and stomach. Without any filter paper or sieve attachment, the cup filter gently detaches fat, oil, sugar and acids by its throughout glazed double strainer.

Place 10-15 grams per cup of coarsely ground coffee directly onto the porcelain double strainer. Place the water dispenser on top and slowly pour on seething water. After brewing, remove the cup filter and enjoy your fresh-perked coffee.

Design: Daniel Eltner

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