WALKÜRE – porcelain museum

To move with the times ... a time journey to one century of porcelain history!

To move with the times – a walk through a street scenery with over 300 m² floor space.

You will experience four decades with exemplary scenes of the catering trade, which will guide you through the past century of porcelain history.

Eye-catching, interesting and ”live” – in context of the times! There are four walk-in stages were you will find contemporary porcelain of Walküre.




The stations:

Museum – the year 1899

Let us take a glance through the window of an upper-class residential building at the turn of the century ...

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Museum – the year 1920

The waiting passenger of 1920 casually looks through the window upon the arriving travellers of the Orient Express and at that time ...

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Museum – the year 1950

We find ourselves at the hotel ”Bayreuth” – standing in the middle of the hotel patio. How about a cup of coffee in the shade of ...

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Museum – Year 1999

... past modern advertising posters of the 90`s and shop windows with tempting fashions. How about a nice cup of coffee after shopping ...

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